The Apple iPhone XR Review : A Brilliant Pick

Apple iPhone XR Review on Design , Durability , Size , Display, If you want a cheap way of getting your hands on the latest iPhone without having to cough up the exorbitant prices of the Apple XS duo then the XR is definitely for you. Plus, you won’t have to sacrifice too much with features either. The phone still maintains the same old A12 Bionic chip that every Apple user has come to know is world-beating.

The convenient Face ID used to quickly unlock your handset is still the same as well as the great photo quality that its predecessors had. Also, Apple also generally managed to execute the six color scheme options really well. If you’re considering this new Apple product then this Apple iPhone XR review is exactly what you need. Find More Cell phone Reviews

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Apple iPhone XR Review Design :

The Apple iPhone XR Design

If you think that too conservative is what most iPhones look like, then the new XR will certainly change your mind on that. The company achieved a look that is fun yet still managing to keep its elegance intact via the seven-layer color process. You can get the glass backs in red, coral, yellow, blue, white and black. All of them, however, have still managed to seamlessly blend together with the phone’s back. The bezels feel slightly thicker on this version as compared to the Apple XS duo. But, typical users might not care that much

The Apple iPhone XR Features

LCD screens happen to be much harder to manipulate than their OLED counterparts. So, it’s amazing how Apple still managed to produce an almost full-screen phone design that’s still curved towards its edges. They probably pulled this feat off through a mixture of subpixel anti-aliasing, advanced pixel masking and precision milling.

Durability :

When ruggedness is concerned, the iPhone XR’s front uses the same durable glassware the iPhone XS version uses. However, the back of the XR is nowhere near as tough. This means that you might want to consider getting your iPhone XR a phone cover. Besides that, it’s IP67 water-resistant meaning it can withstand about one meter of water for about thirty minutes. That’s not bad at all considering the IP68-rated iPhone XS offers a similar time but just two meters deeper.


The new iPhone XR is 6.1 inches in overall size and should feel quite comfortable in most hands. It is just large enough to be able to provide the immersive smartphone experience most buyers want for their gaming, Instagramming and bingeing Netflix, just to name but a few. It is not unwieldy big that is. As one might expect, the weight and size of the iPhone XR measure 5.9x3x0.3 and 6.8 ounces respectively.


This phone’s LIquid Retina LCD display is one we couldn’t go without mentioning in this Apple iPhone XR review. Not only is it one of the most colorful displays on the market currently, but it’s also one of the brightest ones as well. Unfortunately, though, it is not OLED panel great. Nonetheless, it can more than hold its own among its competitors and rivals.

Final Verdict :

For those of you Apple diehards that want to grab the latest version the company has to offer but don’t necessarily want to break the bank doing so then this phone is exactly what you need. It will do more than meet your expectations

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