Samsung Galaxy M20 | Reviews | Features | Specifications

Samsung galaxy M20 is new mobile phone will soon be launched by Samsung company in January 2019 all across the world. Some models of M series are launched in Dec, 2018. This mobile is specially designed for the Asian countries and have significance for the target market.


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Samsung Galaxy M20 influences the other Chinese and android mobile companies. This mobile phone is multitasker and The design of Samsung galaxy M20 is different and unique from previous existing mobile phones. This thing made Samsung galaxy series more distinguishable from other existing brands mobile phones.  Read More Phone Review Here

Samsung Galaxy M20 is like magic box which contain the bulks of high valued features with very reasonable price. Samsung galaxy M20 have new and special designed processor named Exynos 7904.

This version is specially designed for this mobile phone to target the Asian market. This mobile phone has wide screen of 6.3 inches with high quality resolution of 1080×2340. Samsung galaxy M20 is quoted with 3gb & 4gb ram and 32gb & 64gb storage for storing the videos and important files.

Samsung galaxy M20 has a powerful battery of 5000mah capacity which is quickly recharged by 15w charger. This is available in 13000 in India. Now, Samsung galaxy M20 is globally grabbing the customers and increasing the share in market. It already flops the other mobile phones in India.

Features : Samsung galaxy M20

    • Multitasker Cell Phone
    • 90% Screen Ratio
    • 10 min full Charge
    • Different and unique from previous existing released model
    • processor Exynos 7904
    • Reasonable price

Specifications : Samsung galaxy M20

    • screen of 6.3 inches
    • resolution of 1080×2340
    • 3gb & 4gb ram
    • 32gb & 64gb storage
    • battery of 5000mah
    • target the Asian market
    • Rs 13000 in India / Rs 35000 in Pakistan

Advantages :

  • Samsung galaxy M20 is very beneficial to customers in many aspects.
  • This mobile phone has all the new needed features required in android mobile phone.
  • It supports almost all the latest updated features with reasonable price.
  • Samsung galaxy is very supportive for game lovers and movie seeing segment.
  • Samsung company, as it has new speedy processor, support full hd recording, dual powerful cameras, face lock and also fingerprint sensor.
  • The most important one is that Samsung galaxy M20 is specially designed for Asian market like India. Indian market is price sensitive and this mobile holds the most reasonable price in bundle of unique features. That’s why Samsung galaxy give tough competition to Chinese and other android mobiles in Indian market.
  • Unique features and lowest price has brought the lots of customers to make purchases. People are positive response to Samsung galaxyM20 mobile phone.
  • The amazing features of Samsung galaxy M20 has increased its popularity in Indian market.
  • Customer are showing encouragement and some of them are waiting for Samsung galaxy M20 availability in the market.

Disadvantages :

    • Samsung galaxy M20 is heavy in weight, non—removable battery and also not have a compass.
    • Like previous mobile phones of Samsung this mobile phone also lack the feature of light notification as other companies like IPhone, oppo and Huawei.
    • Samsung galaxy also lacks in providing super Amoled display but other companies have this feature.
    • This mobile phone main improvement is on game playing power and video. But lacks in other qualities like data saving like iPhone, although have new processor Exynos 7904 but it is lower performance in comparison of snapdragon 636 0r 632 SoC.
    • Samsung galaxy M20 have many features and good in video resolution but not approach to 4k videos.
    • There are some discussions were found about Samsung galaxy M20, as it is made by India and maybe only for Indian market.
    • An unboxing video of Samsung galaxy M20 on you tube also highlighted that Indian sim cards only.
    • It has very low price in India as Rs.13000 and in other countries it is sold at high price. Specially in Pakistan it is sold at approximately Rs. 35000.
    • This mobile phone is available at in Indian price value. This huge gap and difference between prices is creating negative review of customers about Samsung galaxy M20.

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