How To View Hidden Photos in Facebook for any facebook user

You Might Surprise To Read this Post Title, Is It Possible to View Someone Facebook Hidden Photo ? The Answer is No, Facebook Don’t Allow us to View Hidden Photos of someone unless they share with us.

Here I Will Show the Method that might Works but We Provide the method only for educational purpose. so people know, how anyone can view our hidden photos without our permission. in some case it’s not working

We Need Computer or laptop to Run this method, this method don’t works on mobile or tablet. Also we have web browser in our Computer / Laptop which canĀ  show us page source of Facebook website. you can use it google chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


Steps To View Hidden Photo in Facebook

  • Open Facebook on Laptop / PC / Desktop
  • Sign in To Your FB Account
  • Now Open the user Profile where you want to view hidden pic
  • Right Click on Any Empty Space on the page
  • Click on view page source ( if you don’t find they press on your keyboard : Ctrl+U )
  • Once you are on View Page Source then Press Ctrl+F on Keyboard.
  • Now you can see small search bar on top right corner.
  • Type profileid on Search Bar.
  • Now you can see highlighted color for profileid.
  • Just copy That id and replace on this link. : your facebook profile id/photos-of.
  • Once you Make The Above Link With User Id Then Simply Open the Link.
  • Once you Open the Link, You Can see the Hidden Image for the User
  • Done.

There are Some Case Where the Method Not Work. If the user don’t make their profile for public view and second if the user don’t share the profile to friends.

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