How To Fix This Site Can’t Be Reached on Chrome ( PC / Laptop / Mac )

When We use some website on regularly or first time on Our Chrome Browser and it’s work fine before and suddenly it’s show error like ” This Site Can’t Be Reached ” then it’s probably Issue with DNS.

Here We Provide Some Best Helpful Method to Fix This Site Can’t Be Reached on Chrome ( PC / Laptop / Mac ). This method safe and easy way to fix the issue, we don’t need any technical knowledge to fix it.

Here I Will Show You Two Method for Desktop Chrome Browser and one method for any desktop user, it’s work for any pc / Laptop / Mac. This Method need Complete step by step process for please watch the full video the fix DNS problem.

Method 1 : Reset Google Chrome :

  • Type chrome://flags in chrome address bar and hit enter.
  • Click On reset all to default .
  • Click on relaunch now.
  • Check The Site if It’s Work or Not .

Method 2 : Install Chrome Extension :

  • Go To Chrome Web Store :
  • Then Search For VPN on Search Bar
  • You Can find Free VPN Extension on Search Result, Just Select Good Rating One.
  • Click on Add To Chrome
  • Click on Add Extension
  • Now Wait to Install the Extension
  • Once it’s Installed, It Will Show the Extension on Right Top Corner on chrome
  • Click on the extension icon and then choose the country.
  • Choose USA / CANADA / UK for less DNS Issue
  • Click on Connect
  • Once you Connect to the VPN the Almost DNS Problem solved, If not then change different country
  • Check the site if it’s work or not ?

Method 3 : Install Tor Browser On Your PC / Laptop / MAC

  • Install TOR Browser :
  • once you installed and run the tor browser.
  • Open your website where the issue has
  • the method almost fix the issue, tor browser hide your DNS settings and provide their DNS Setting this changes make 100% Works.

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