How To Download YouTube Channel Art (Full Size + HD)

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✪ Steps to Download YouTube Channel Art

➤ Open Your YouTube Channel
➤ Right Click on Channel Art ( Banner )
➤ Click on View Page Source
➤ Now Press on Your Keyboard ( ctrl + F )
➤ Once you press command it will show your search box on top right corner
➤ Search tvBanner or
➤ Now You Will Get Tag Like tvBanner or background-image
➤ Simply Find Link with w2120
➤ Copy the link text and open on new web page
➤ Replace 2120 with 2560 for full size channel art banner
➤ Right Click on channel art image
➤ Click on Save image as
➤ Save image on your device
➤ Done

✪ Disclaimer :
This Video For Education Purpose Only, Only Download Channel Art That You Have Permission To Download !

For Example :
– Backup Your Own Videos Thumbnail
– Have permission to Download Thumbnail

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