How to Get a Free SSL on WordPress Website with Cloudflare

SSL ( Secure Sockets Layer) and It’s Successor TLS (Transport Layer Security), There are Protocols to Creating Authenticated and Encrypted Links Between Networked Computers, SSL is a Part of our website security.

Now A Days Most of the  Web Browser Show if the website has SSL or Not By Simply Adding Secure or Not Secure Icon before web URL.

Once We Added SSL to Our Website then Our Site Date & user data like password , credit card information are encrypted and Hacker can’t see while trying to hack site. So With SSL Our  Site User Personal data protected.

And that’s why Most Browser Declare whether site has SSL or Not, Because user know that this site secure to use.

It is Also true if your site don’t have SSL then Your Site Don’t rank well in Google, Bing and Many more Search Engine.

So In This Post I Will Show You, How to Get Free SSL To Your WordPress Website. You don’t have to pay anything to get SSL, It’s Free To use and very Easy to Add to Our Website.

There Are 6 Steps to Get Free SSL to Your Website :

  • Create an Account on
  • Add Your Website To Your cloudflare Account
  • Add CloudFlare Name Servers in Your Domain DNS Settings
  • Configure DNS + SSL in CloudFlare
  • Add SSL Certificate to Our Website Cpanel
  • Install SSL Plugin to Our WordPress Website

Step 1: Create an Account on :

Go To and Create Free Account, CloudFlare is One of the best site to Provide Services on Website Security. They Have Provide Free Plan where they give  Free SSL for Website for Forever, They also Provide Hide our Website IP Address so no one can know our really ip and can’t hack the site, They Provide Traffic Analytics and speed test to our website, They Provide almost Basic Security in free plan, Simply go to and create your free account.


Step 2: Add Your Website To Your cloudflare Account :

Once You Create Your Account You can Add Your Website, You Need to just add your website with extension like


Step 3: Add CloudFlare Name Servers in Your Domain DNS Settings :

To Activate our website on cloudflare we need to add the name-sever which they provide, We Have to add the cloudflare name-server to our domain dns page, simply go to the site where you buy your domain name and login to your account and go to your domain dns settings page, over there you can find name-sever tab just remove default one and add cloudflare name-server.

Now Here sometime it’s take up 24 hours to update name-server, so  We have to wait until it’s updated, Once it’s Updated we can configure DNS and SSL in CloudFlare


Step 4: Configure DNS + SSL in CloudFlare :

Once Our Site Activaated in CloudFlare We can Configure DNS and SSL. Simply Open Your Website on CloudFlare and then go to DNS page and make all proxy for Our site A Records and CNAME.

Now Click on SSL/TLS,  and Make sure you have selected Full and then go to Edge Certificates tab and over there You can see your ssl certificate and just scroll down and you need to turn on Always Use HTTPS

Now Go to Origin Server Tab , Over there you can create TLS Certificate to install in our website Cpanel, this is important part so don’t miss, Simply Click on Create Certificate and then select Let Cloudflare generate a private key and a CSR and then select the certificate validity and then click on next.

Now You Will Get Certificate text and Private Key Just copy this certificate and private key and paste on our site C panel


Step 5: Add SSL Certificate to Our Website Cpanel :

Simply Login to Your Cpanel, Once you are login, simply go to security tab, over there you can find SSL/TLS  just click on it, Now Click on Install Certificate, Once you are on install page select the domain where you want to add ssl, now you will see certificate and private key tab, simply paste here Certificate and private key text from CloudFlare, and then click on install certificate. now our site has certificate.


Step 6: Install SSL Plugin to Our WordPress Website :

Now We Need To Install and Activate the Plugin ( Really Simple SSL ) Which Make Some Changes on our website like change Web URL from http:// to https:// also add 301 redirect and convert any file in our website which is on http:// to https://, this plugin very helpful to know SSL related issue

Once you activate the plugin if any error your site face this plugin tell you to fix also then show how to fix, so don’t forget to install this plugin.

Thank You So Much for Reading this Post, if you think this post helpful then Please Share it, Comment Below if you face any error..





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