7 Awesome YouTube Tricks for computer user

If You Are Desktop User and want to Know Some Interesting YouTube Tricks Which might help you to impress your buddies. Here I Will show you best YouTube Tricks for Computer User.

Top 7 YouTube Tricks :

1. Forward 10 seconds :

if you want to skip or want forward 10 seconds with single tab, then just press L on your keyword while your video is playing.

2 Backward 10 seconds :

IF Your missing something to watching in last few seconds then don’t worry.just press J on your keyboard and you ll be goes 10 second back with single press.

3 Pause :

if you want pause video without toughing mouse or touch pad then just press K on your keyboard. press k again for re playing video.

4 change speed to fast :

if you want to make video speed fast then simply press shift key + greater then key .

5 change speed to slow :

if you want watch video to slow motion or wanna try in different slow motion speed then press shift key + less then key

6 link to any part of video :

if you want share something your friend which is really great at the part of video and you want share only that part with your friends. then you can make it by three ways.

  1.  go to video link and at the end add &t=2m15s
  2. go to the sharing tab and click on it and you will find option like start at just add your time and you will get sharing link with exact part
  3. first go to the time line of video and just move play-head button as you want and then right click on video. and you will find copy video url with current time.
7 type awesome while full screen:

when you playing video on full screen and if you want to impress someone with this trick then simply type awesome in your keyboard and you will see some weird thing on screen.

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  1. Best tricks for the new users for youtube and who don’t know how to use youtube. Thanks for sharing your valuable information.

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