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5 Cloud Computing Benefits for Businesses

5 Cloud Computing Benefits for Businesses


From the way we socialize to when or how we make purchases, to even how we take care of ourselves, the cloud is becoming a regular part of our everyday life. Fortunately, it’s positively affecting how businesses run, too. Unsurprisingly, most businesses find using the cloud helps them save money and be more productive.

Here are just a few benefits your business can expect from switching to cloud computing.

Hire an IT Provider for Your Cloud Set-Up

To get the most out of the cloud, it’s best to hire an external IT provider that can advise you on how to set-up according to your needs. Luckily, many IT consultancies like Computers in the City include cloud computing set-up. For instance, if your business isn’t already on the cloud, IT experts can help migrate your data and operational systems to it. It would take your own employees significantly more time and effort to figure out how to achieve the same goals, and they may make crucial mistakes. Additionally, you’ll need to mitigate the risk of losing data, as well. Data loss can have severely devastating effects, such as tarnishing your company name and possibly filing for bankruptcy. Finally, your IT provider will be there to provide future maintenance if there are any changes or issues.

5 Reasons to Use the Cloud for Your Business

Businesses that resist change will inevitably fail due to competition from others which do adapt. To ensure your business keeps up with your competitors, here are five examples of how using cloud computing can increase any businesses’ efficiency:

✪ Increased Security

It may seem counter intuitive that cloud services can enhance the security of your business’ operations and data. To the uninformed, the information may seem to disappear into an obscure and unknown digital space where schemers, scammers and hackers can gain access to it. However, this isn’t the case.

To understand how cloud services can increase your company’s security, you must remember that cloud providers are large companies with massive resources. They are often entrusted with the data and operations of huge corporate entities; they simply cannot afford to have holes in their security systems and services, or else such big companies would turn to other providers. In this way, you can be assured all cloud providers are top data security professionals; they focus on becoming security experts, and it’s at the very crux of their business and success.

If the ethereal “cloud” still isn’t quite trustworthy to you, you may feel better having your data and operational software stored on a local hard-drive so you can physically see it in your possession. However, you should probably get used to the idea of letting that go. Truthfully, such a system can be much riskier; if a fire or any natural disaster strikes, if a thief physically gets a hold of any hard-drive, that data can easily become lost or stolen. Cloud vendors can afford to implement much stronger security measures, including physically on their local servers. 

✪ Access to Better Technology

Once again, the greater resource pool of your cloud provider will allow them to provide your company with better services than it could afford for itself. Along with security, this includes more expensive and enhanced software, which is of a better quality and upgraded regularly by the cloud provider. Otherwise, a company on their own may take up to a year to buy new releases of software and updates.

✪ Pay for What You Use

Many cloud providers offer a type of “pay-as-you-go” set-up in which you only pay for the storage and software you use, much like paying for electricity you use on your electric bill. Without the cloud, you may purchase too much digital storage space and waste money, or not enough and damage your business’ operations. 

On the other hand, you may also purchase expensive software that doesn’t suit your needs appropriately. With cloud services, you may test certain features and change them as necessary without losing large investments. This gives your business the opportunity to adapt and figure out how to achieve the most from your employees and customers.

This concept is often called scaling up and scaling down, and refers to the “elastic” nature of cloud services.

✪ Work from Anywhere

Another benefit of utilizing the cloud is access to higher mobility. All employees need is an internet connection and the services are available immediately thereafter. In fact, employees can even access certain apps offline. This allows workers to complete projects or tasks and communicate with their colleagues from home, offering a more convenient way for them to do their jobs. They can work on assignments while on-the-go and traveling, updating in real-time and ensuring work isn’t lost by saving it to the cloud. Conveniently, they can even perform certain tasks with mobile phones or tablets, if they’re off-site and need to enter or access data quickly.

Better Team Work

With cloud implementation, colleagues can work on projects together without necessarily being in the same room. It’s faster and more convenient for them to work and comment from wherever they are. If one employee is out of the office, the others don’t have to wait until they return to pass along information. Instead, all members can simultaneously and seamlessly complete tasks as a cohesive unit.

The Cloud is Improving Business for Businesses

According to a 2019 McAfee Report on cloud computing, companies that have switched over to the cloud have experienced an average increase of 19.63 percent in company growth. Such improvements are simply too significant and must be acknowledged. Increase your company’s IT security, team collaboration, mobility and access to the most sophisticated software currently available by employing cloud computing for your business. 

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