App Privacy Policy

for Webbyfan APP by Webbyfan Games

This Privacy Policy has been effective from June 1st, 2017

Please read this Privacy Policy before using our Webbyfan App services because it will tell you how we collect, store, use and disclose your personal information when providing these services to you.

This App(webbyfan)protect your personal information when you use this website,we do not sell or share your any information to others(Include Advertiser and third party websites and Apps).

Information We Collect Through Your Use of Our Service

For continuously improve our app and provide more better experiences, We and our service providers may use these log files, tags, and tracking technologies to collect and analyze certain kinds of technical information, including:

  1. IP Address
  2. Platform Type
  3. Your Language
  4. GPS Location
  5. Your operating system version
  6. Your mobile device’s identifiers


Information About You That We Get From Connected Third-Party Applications, Including Social Networks (like Facebook)

And If you play games on connected third-party applications or connect our Services to any third-party applications, including social networks like Facebook, We may receive certain information about you from the provider of the third-party application. The information we receive depends on the game you’re playing, the third-party application, your privacy settings and, if applicable, your friends’ privacy settings on that third-party application.

We may collect and store some of those information shared by the provider of the connected third-party application:

  1. First Name and Last Name
  2. Your profile picture’s URL
  3. Your user ID number (like your Facebook ID number), which may be linked to publicly-available information like your name and profile photo
  4. The user ID number and other public data for your friends
  5. Your gender
  6. any other information that you or the provider of the third-party application share with our game

If you access our Services from a third-party application or connect our Services to a third-party application, you should also read that third-party application’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

If you are unclear about what information a third-party application is sharing with us, please go to the third-party application to find out more about their privacy practices.

Information We Use In Our Service But Never Collect

In some of our service, we may need to access those datas or features to provide functions, but we never collect or store those informations.

  1. Photo state
  2. Camera
  3. Photos in your album


We Are not responsible for your information and Any Loss from our advertiser and third party websites and Apps when you give them in terms of use theirs services.

we are not take any responsibilities for loss,inconvenience,virus through click on Advertisement Links, others websites and Apps links .

This App(Webbyfan) has full right to change ,update or replace this privacy policy at any time.We Request to our users please check this page frequently.

If you do not agree these privacy policy then please stop the use of this App.



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